A Message from The Chairman

In recognition of the importance of the energy file and giving the full priority to develop it, especially with regard to its strategic national project to transform Egypt to a regional center for gas and oil trading

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A message from The CEO

In favor of Project development which is currently undergoing in Egypt and the direction towards restructuring the energy sector and improving the institutional and regulatory framework

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Latest Legislations

  • The new law for gas market activities regulation issued in August 2017
  • Executive regulations for the gas market activities regulation law issued February 2018

Latest news & Events

The board of directors approved the tariffs to use each of the National Gas Grid and the Regional Distribution Networks for the year 2019
In virtue of the Law No. 196 of 2017 for regulating the gas market activities, and the role of the Gas Regulatory Authority “GasReg” to…
Formal Visit
Affirmation on the effective role of the Gas Regulatory Authority and to ensure optimized usage and utilization of the grants from each of The World…
A welcoming visit for a distinguished guest Mr. Hasan Ozkoc
The culmination of the cooperation protocol between Gas Regulatory Authority “GasReg” and the Association Mediterranean Energy Regulators “MedReg”. A meeting was held at the GasReg…
Capacity building programs
The Gas Regulatory Authority “GasReg” attend the 6th edition of ERRA’s Natural Gas training course “Principles Of Natural Gas Market Regulation” Nov. 12-16, 2018 – Budapest,…