A Thank You letter from MedReg to Engineer Khaled Khallaf

Having the importance and necessity of being effectively engaging and participating in Energy – concerned regional and international organizations venues, studies and workshops, Eng. Khaled khallaf -technical planning manager -GASREG, has been participated as Speaker in the training on the “Role and Scope of Regulation” 12-14 December in MEDREG.

GasReg’s participation has been recognized as a remarkable involvement by the secretariat, and a thank you letter has been forwarded to Eng. Khaled khallaf to appreciate and mention the considerable contributions made by GASREG in the context of tackling the principles of regulation and GAS markets issues leading toward a useful comprehensive understanding of the mission and duties of a regulator.

Therefore, the training discussed the key principles of energy regulation, detailing the objectives pursued by regulatory authorities as well as their core powers and competences. Finally, GASREG presentation was concerned with the major transformations in the regulation of the gas sector and its relationship with competitive activities through dealing with some main points such as: access tariff to gas infrastructures, mainly transmission, distribution, LNG, and storage facilities.



GASREG participation in this training as speaker allowed other Medreg countries experts to learn about other regulators’ provisions particularly concerning Third part Access, network codes and Unbundling rules which conceived as a capacity-building activity to support MEDREG members.


Recognition letter_GASREG – Mr. Khaled Khallaf