Gas Regulatory Authority, Egypt “GasReg” is an independent public body established by virtue of Law no. (196/2017) for “Regulation of Gas Market Activities”.  The authority is established with the objective of monitoring the functioning of the gas market, encouraging new investments, regulating the gas market activities, introducing competition amongst potential market players by allowing Third Party Access to gas networks and availed facilities under a fair and non-discriminatory basis, along with increasing the quality of services provided, and protecting the consumers’ rights GasReg exercises all powers needed to achieve those objectives acting independently in a fair, transparent neutral and non-discriminatory manner.

The main roles of the Gas Regulator as set forth in the new gas law will include:

  • Monitoring the performance of all Gas market players.
  • Granting Licenses.
  • Approving codes of using gas networks and facilities.
  • Setting the methodologies for the calculation of tariffs against the access of gas networks and facilities.
  • Handling of complaints that may arise between the market players.