In the case the GasReg Authority received any complaints from any of the gas market participants concerning the gas market activities, the complaint will be studied through committees formed by the CEO based to the nature of each complaint. The committee may ask for assistance from some experts and consultants either from inside or outside the GasReg Authority.

The formed committee will study the complaint and set up hearing sessions  with the concerned parties to hear the different opinions regarding the complaint and to check any submitted documents in this regard.

The formed committee will resolve the complaint in light of the provisions of the Gas Law, the executive regulations and the decisions issued by the GasReg Authority.

The formed committee’s will send its recommendation to the concerned parties. If the parties accepted the committee recommendation, it will be submitted to the board for approval.

If the committee’s recommendation do not accepted by the parties, a detailed report of the committee’s work outcomes will be presented to the board for considering the issue.