Eni meets with the Gas Regulatory Authority to discuss The Network Code

The Gas Regulatory Authority held a meeting in its headquarters in Cairo with Eni where both parties discussed notes and opinions on the draft Network Code which has been published on Gas Reg website for stakeholders to collect possible Notes as part of code approval process ,  Using the transportation network that GASREG has announced on its website to the experts and stakeholders to discuss and express their opinion.

The transport network usage codes are represented in a set of standard rules that govern the relation and practices between gas shippers and gas transportation system operators, to ensure optimum efficiency of the resources without discrimination or bias.


 Eni team representatives includes Mr. Giueppe viscardi – Vice President of the company and financial Regulatory Affairs and Mr. Simone Rossi-Director of Gas Organizational Affairs for France and Benelux countries group and markets outside the European Union.


The meeting began offered an overview of the strong and enduring relationship between Eni and the Egyptian Petroleum Sector and particularly with Gas Reg. They also demonstrated different successful cases for previous experiences among the countries that follow the policy of liberalizing the energy market.



During their visit, next steps and future possible cooperation were also discussed between The Italian Company and Gas Reg in light of Egyptian Gas Law & the gas market regulations.

Eni also explained the effective role of managing the market through business unit dedicated for Gas Reg with its Company organization.


It is also mentioned that the Egyptian government has been making intense efforts to develop the Egyptian gas market since the issuance of the new gas law, and seeks to open the door to free competition and provide information and transparency within the framework of the regulations that keep pace with the global developments.



Eni representatives praised the current procedures followed by the Gas regulatory Authority and the Ministry of petroleum, which supported by the political leadership And the Executive authorities in the State. They also expressed its welcome to participate with Egyptian institutions to support the new trend to activate the gas law.