EU visits Gas Regulatory Authority

In light of the role of MEDREG as a technical hub of high-level experts that work together to achieve integration in the Euro-Mediterranean energy markets that leads to high level dialogue on key areas of energy regulation in the region, fostering cooperation, information exchange, experiences and assistance among its members, the EU evaluation mission to the south shore countries has established an auditing visit to GASREG on 17th May, 2022 with aim of understanding the importance of MEDREG’s presence and its role in the Mediterranean Region. GASREG’s team have demonstrated the key achievement of GASREG since its inception and engaged into The evaluation questions that have been presented by EU mission, to gather information regarding MEDREG’s work and how they have supported GasReg in the past through support activities and other deliverables.

The audit discussions have been managed by GASREG’s team to assure the importance of MEDREG’s role on contributing to enhancing energy security of beneficiary countries while fostering their transition to low carbon economy, thereby contributing to more stable, efficient, competitive and climate-resilient socioeconomic contexts.

The EU missions assessed as well the objectives, results and impact of the EU support to Mediterranean countries under “Energy Security and Climate Action in the Southern Neighborhood initiative”, which includes the interventions for Support to cooperation between the Euro-Mediterranean energy regulators, and discussed the gas sector, its regulation and prospects in Egypt and evaluated the progress of GASREG to develop the gas market aspects and its way forward.

It is worth to mention that, MEDREG supported the establishment of GasReg as an independent public body responsible for monitoring the functioning of the gas market in Egypt, encouraging new investments, regulating gas market activities, introducing competition amongst potential market players and others.

President Karem Mahmoud has been elected to hold a vice president position at MEDREG. GasReg is also represented in the different working groups and actively participated in all MEDREG’s activities, events and studies.