The executive regulations of the “gas market activities regulation” were issued in the 14th of February 2018 by Egypt’s Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail to clarify more clearly the articles of the law providing a detailed explanation of the following:

  1. General provisions about the Law.
  2. General regulations and conditions of licenses issuance.
  3. The technical, financial and economic requirements of the licenses.
  4. The licenses Fees and insurance.
  5. Procedures and duration required to issue the license by the GasReg.
  6. Monitoring performance of licensees by the GasReg.
  7. Renewal, modification, suspension, revocation of the licenses.
  8. Gas facilities code.
  9. Gas facilities tariff.
  10. Unbundling regulations.
  11. Regulations of stating equality and non- discrimination for the third party access.
  12. Supplier of last resort.
  13. Competitive market.
  14. Complain handling committee.