Gas Regulatory Authority meets with a Jordanian Gas Authority

In order to strengthen the continuous cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in all fields, most importantly the energy sector, a workshop was organized on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 via a video conference with the Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority and the Jordanian Gas Authority, where both discussed a number of common topics as regulators. Eng. Karem Mahmoud, the CEO of the Gas Regulatory Authority started the meeting with an overview about GasReg, the establishment of Gas Market Activities Regulatory Law and its Executive Regulations. Moreover, the meeting also discussed the experience of the Egyptian Gas Market Regulator and how to transfer this experience to the Jordanian Gas Authority.

Representatives of the Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority presented the most important achievements of GasReg by providing a full explanation of the licensees in accordance with the Gas Market Activities Regulatory Law and its provisions and how to obtain them, as well as clarifying the steps for implementing the Network codes, and the importance of setting and the approval of the tariff of Gas Networks and Facilities usage and their economic cost.


On the other hand, the Egyptian Gas Regulatory Authority clarified the need to reach strong and developed relations with similar authorities in the neighboring countries, and the importance of continuous cooperation at the regional and international levels, as well as with economic partners.

The two parties agreed by the end of the video conference meeting to keep in touch through holding successive workshops and organizing joint training courses, as well as establishing mutual visits to reach the maximum benefits from the capabilities and the expertise of both parties.