Gas Regulatory Authority presents 2021/2022 budget in front of The Egyptian House of Representatives

Eng. Karem Mahmoud, CEO of Gas Regulatory Authority, presented the budget for the fiscal year 2021/2022 to the Energy and Environment Committee in the House of Representatives, where it is planned to achieve a surplus of 11 million pounds to be allocated to the general budget of the government.

His Excellency spoke about the role of the regulator, its activities, future goals and the importance of its existence in the Egyptian market to organize, encourage & attract investments in Gas Market Activities as shipping, transmission, storage, distribution, gas supply, marketing and gas trade, liquefied gas activities and any works related, in addition to settling disputes with investors, creating a convenient environment for free competition and access to the competitive market and ensure that all consumers can purchase energy at reasonable prices.

Moreover, His Excellency explained the diversity of GasReg’s connections with similar regulators in countries that preceded Egypt in the field of Gas Market Regulation to benefit from its expertise shifting towards a competitive gas market, in addition to signing local and international cooperation protocols, most importantly with The Egyptian Competition Authority, The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, The Egyptian Electric Utility Regulator, as well as the French Energy Regulator.