GasReg Approved the License Fees for the natural gas market activities For Year 2022

The Board of Directors of Gas Regulatory Authority “GasReg”, chaired by HE. Eng. Tariq Al Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, approved the license fees for the new natural gas market activities for year 2022, which are values ​​paid by license applicants in exchange for allowing them to practice one of the activities subject to regulation by the Authority within the state’s borders in which it exercises its sovereignty or In exchange for the issuance of the validity certificate of the license previously granted. Moreover, the board’s approval also included the calculation methodology, which takes into account the quantities of gas circulating in the activity by the license applicant / licensee in million British thermal units (BTU), and the value of the transmission system operator activity license issuance fee has been set at 0.058 cents per million units. British thermal, distribution activity licensing fees of 0.033 cents per million thermal units, shipper license activity fees were set at 0.043 cents per million thermal units and supply activity 0.013 cents, and regarding compressed gas activities (CNG) that were recently organized, it has been decided to stabilize them for the purpose of stimulating activity development.

The value of issuing licenses or a certificate of validity of the existing license is paid in Egyptian pounds, and in order to obligate each licensed entity with its financial liabilities only without any increase or decrease, a settlement is made at the end of each year according to the actual quantities traded during the year.