GASREG participates in the panel discussion organized by Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies “Promising prospects for energy transformation in Egypt”.

Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies organized a panel discussion entitled “Prospects for Energy Transition in Egypt: Opportunities and Challenges.” The seminar was attended by Eng. Mohamed El-Tahan, Assistant of GasReg CEO for Technical affairs, representing Gas Regulatory Authority along with a large number of experts, specialists and academics.


The seminar discussed two main topics: The first dealt with the state of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Egypt. The second topic discussed the legal, regulatory and technical dimensions of the energy transition in Egypt.


Eng. Mohamed El-Tahan clarified the role of Gas Regulatory Authority (GASREG) on the opportunities for energy transition in Egypt and the challenges it may face in this regard.


The discussions also confirmed a number of points, most notably the unified vision on the future of the energy sector in Egypt, which is based on coordination between all ministries and agencies concerned with energy, in addition to the existence of legislative and legal frameworks that are sufficiently flexible, taking in consideration the relevant international frameworks, especially the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which Egypt ratified in 2017.