The Gas Infrastructure

  • The largest & longest gas transmission pipelines network in Africa and in the Middle East.
  • 7,485 Km Transmission Grid.
  • 38,000 Km Distribution Grids.
  • An average increase in length 5% annually.
  • An average increase in capacity 10% annually.
  • Dahshour compressor station four compressor trains with total capacity of 1,520,000 SCM/HR. In addition to two new trains which will increase the capacity with 790,000 SCM/HR.

Entry points to the market:

  • Foreign importation pipelines.
  • LNG regasification terminals (750 MMSCFD).
  • National production fields.

Exit Points:

  • Interconnection with exporting pipelines.
  • Interconnection with local distribution networks.
  • The premises of final consumers.
  • LNG liquefaction terminals (1,880 MMSCFD).

Gas Facilities

The Current Gas Market (Downstream)

The New Gas Market (The Future)