All current natural gas consumers in Egypt are considered as non eligible consumers who buy natural gas according to the regulations and prices approved and announced by the Prime Minister. This should be the case till the issuance and approval of eligible consumer’ standards and its implementation mechanism.


Cabinet decrees were issued to approve the recommendations of the ministerial committee formed by Prime Minister Decision No. 1884 of year

2019 to review periodically the gas pricing for various industrial activities in a way that agrees with the framework of economic, environmental, political and social variables in the local market in accordance with the provisions of the regulations law of gas market activities. Provided that a regular review of these prices has to be carried out every 6 months, in light of the global prices, economic and social changes, by the relevant ministerial committee.


Whereas, the Cabinet approved the natural gas selling prices that the Ministerial Committee has recommended in this regard with Decisions No.2920 of the year 2021 for different industries as follows:

* Natural gas selling price for fertilizers and petrochemicals: USD $5.75 per million British Thermal Unit (BTU)

* Natural gas selling price for (cement, iron and steel,): USD $5.75/BTU

* Natural gas selling price for all other industrial activities): USD $4.75/BTU

* Natural gas selling price to generate Electricity: USD $3.25/BTU

* Natural gas selling price for Bricks industry: LE 73/BTU

* Natural gas selling price for subsidized bread bakeries: 14.10 piasters per cubic meter

-It is worth mentioning that the selling prices of natural gas supplied to households and the equivalent commercial activity are as follows:

* (Consumption from zero to 30 cubic meters) LE. 2.50 per cubic meter.

* (Consumption from 30 to 60 cubic meters) LE 3.25 per cubic meter.

* (Consumption from 60 cubic meters and above) LE 3.75 per cubic meter.

قرار تسعير الغاز رقم 2902 لسنة 2021