Powerful Participation for GASREG at EGYPS- 2022

GASREG has been participated at EGYPS- 2022 and it was represented by Eng. Mohamed Eltahan- the CEO Assistant for technical affairs, to participate as a co- speaker in delivering a roundtable session titled- accelerating energy transition.
The roundtable discussion has been designed to address policy and industry strategy from organizational restructure to infrastructure that will enable a smooth transition and increased take up of a decarbonized energy ecosystem providing access to energy for all.
As a co –speaker, Eng. Mohamed has started his participation by defining the energy transition ” ET” as a crucial enabler of sustainable development and climate resilience. And, In the context of the role of energy regulatory bodies , Eng. Mohamed has approached the issue of energy transition acceleration subject by addressing that energy transition is representing as both an opportunity and challenge at the same time, also, he interactively elaborated with roundtable attendees on the Energy transition framework that should entail a timely and structured change toward more sustainable, resilient secure and inclusive energy system, while at the same time, energy transition should create value to different business domains and focus on the ultimate goal of creating social and environmental remarkable impact.
He mentioned as well, the Coordinated actions that are required from all energy stakeholders and industry verticals including governments, Regulators and citizens to embrace low-carbon alternatives to accelerate the transition into clean energy alternatives like hydrogen and renewable gases.
Also, Eng. Mohamed has emphasized as part of the discussions on the ET pillars like decarburization, decentralization and digitalization as the high-level building blocks that constitute the big picture of ET, while the details of ET are much more sophisticated and have to be approached with all dispatched efforts and worldwide collaboration to achieve SDGs targets ” 7, 13″ and move the world to more green life and sustainable conditions.
At the end of the roundtable, the speakers shared their thanks to discussions that were interactively communicated among attendees, and have concluded the ET topics that have been discussed in a form of group of questions like, what kind of value chains and technologies are deployed as part of ET, what kind of actions are needed to meet ET goals? What sectors should be involved? What are the Key features of Sustainable Energy Transition?
Eventually, this session was part of GasReg`s participation at EGYPS 2022, through which Gas Regulatory Authority was presented in a distinguished, honorable and confident manner that expresses the value and role of the regulator at this important stage in the Egyptian energy sector.