Promising Cooperation between GasReg and Kelton

Within the framework of cooperation between the Gas Regulatory Authority and one of the major international entities specialized in the field of measurements and energy industry support, as one of the results of the fruitful EGYPS 2022 conference, in the pursuit of improving the outputs provided by the Gas Regulatory Authority to serve the preparation of the Egyptian market and reach the strategic goals in making Egypt is a regional energy hub as one of the most important targets in the coming period.

A fruitful meeting was held on Sunday, May 22, in the presence of the CEO of the Gas Regulatory Authority Eng, Karem Mahmoud and the CEO of KELTON DR. COLIN ELCATE as one of the ALDERLEY groups companies and the presence of the specialists from both sides.

Whereas the ways of cooperation and exchange of activities and tasks between the two sides were reviewed and how to reach a joint cooperation framework and the preparation of some training programs for the employees of GASREG to raise skills and competencies and areas of providing advisory services in the field of energy, including areas of renewable and clean energy such as hydrogen as one of the directions of the state in the current period and the future stage

Finally, Kelton expressed its happiness and gratitude for this distinguished meeting in a thanks letter addressed to the CEO of GASREG for offering a hand of cooperation on a broader scale.