Release of MED-REG 2019 Annual Report

Throughout the year of 2019, GasReg has co-operated with a number of regional and global organizations headed by The MedReg ” The Mediterranean Energy Regulators Assembly”, In order to develop the capabilities of GasReg to organize the market in a more effective way and for implementing a real impact. Furthermore, this year witnessed the collaboration of different activities that serve the purposes of GasReg and the purposes of the Egyptian state represented in the Egyptian petroleum sector, which are the activities that were reviewed in the organization’s annual report, that issued recently and published on the official website.


Firstly, this pursuit aims at Strengthening the efficiency of GasReg to monitor the Egyptian gas market, where a complete training program was organized to review global practices and all the various tools, techniques and procedures used to monitor the activities of licensed companies, particularly distribution and transportation activities.


Secondly, making the most of the Italian experience in regulating the gas market in Egypt, where an official visit was held between the Italian Regulatory Authority and GasReg in order to benefit from the experiences of the Italian market, which considered to be one of the preceding and oldest gas market in Europe, to discuss necessary topics for the Egyptian market according to the current stage, that is still under the study from the Egyptian side, especially in the field of infrastructure. Moreover, to allow the use of networks and facilities for new parties and other topics.

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